Russian Philosophical Text: Narration Mechanisms and Larger-then-thesentence Structures (works by P.A. Florensky and A.F. Losev)

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The article presents linguo-stylistic and communicative and pragmatic analyses of Russian philosophuical texts of the beginning of the XX century treated in the aspect of the typology of the shifters of movement of the thought observatuion and the typology of larger-than-the sentence, connected with this. The conclusion states on the attraction of narrative speech structures of philosiophizing to such models that shift the observation point from the forms of vividly exprexxed modality and deixis to the forms of “zero” deixis and veritable utterances.

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S A Geichenko

Moscow State University of Publishing Trade n.a. Ivan Fedorov

The Department of the Russian Language and Stylistics Faculty of Publishing Trade and Journalism




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