Constantin Pobedonostsev in 1890s - early 1900s: influencing the Russia's public opinion

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Author of the article analyzes the instruments of ideological struggle used by the famous conservative politician Constantine Pobedonostsev in order to influence the turn-of-century Russia's public opinion. The contacts of Pobedonostsev with the right-wing journalists and conservative periodicals are being investigated, as well as his activities as a translator and publisher. Conclusions are being made with regard to the reasons of Pobedonostsev's failure to influence the Russia's public opinion.

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A Y Polunov

School of Public Administration, Moscow State University

Email: <>
Кафедра истории Российского государстваФакультет государственного управления; Московский государственный университет имени М.В. Ломоносова; School of Public Administration, Moscow State University




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