Women contraceptive choice in sakha republic (Ykutia)

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In this article we present facts about gynecological health of girls in SAKHA republic (Yakutia). The middle age of sex debut is 16,05 + 1,07 year. The most widespread nosologic forms among teen-agers besides irregular mensis are chronic salpingoophoritis and benign diseases of cervix uteri.

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N I Duglas

YGU by M.K. Amosova

Кафедра акушерства и гинекологии педиатрического факультетамедицинского института ГОУ ВПО; ЯкутскийГосударственный университет им. М.К. Амосова; YGU by M.K. Amosova

E A Borisova

YGU by M.K. Amosova

; YGU by M.K. Amosova

Y G Riad

YGU by M.K. Amosova

; YGU by M.K. Amosova

T Y Pavlova

YGU by M.K. Amosova

; YGU by M.K. Amosova




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