Clinical value of laser conversion testing in diagnostics and treatment of a chronic endometritis

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In article presents the identified characteristics of spectral characteristics of endometrium in normal and chronic adnexitis. Identifies opportunities and prospects of laser conversion diagnostics monitoring, efficiency treatment and rehabilitation of patients with chronic èndometritom.

V M Zuyev

JSC Klinika LMS

M T Aleksandrov

JSC Klinika LMS

T A Khomeriki

JSC Klinika LMS

G Tchernyshov

JSC Klinika LMS

B G Metreveli

JSC Klinika LMS

S N Popov

JSC Klinika LMS

I I Iboyan

JSC Klinika LMS

E A Kalinina

Peoples Frendship University of Russia

Obstetrics and gynecology chair with a perinatologiya course Medical faculty


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