Еfficiency of ultrasound diagnostics of the chronic endometritis for women with early-term pregnancy losses

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It was carried out clinico-ultrasound inspection of 550 women, which were suffering from the early-term pregnancy losses. Pathomorfological research of aspiration biopsies of endometrium from these women was perfomed. The analysis of ultrasound characteristics at various types of the early-term pregnancy losses is resulted. Comparison of the results of ultrasonic and morphological methods of research in diagnostics of chronic endometritis is executed. The ultrasound «masks» of chronic endometritis are defined, the greatest diagnostic value a method within the limits of identification hysteroscopic macrotypes (gipo-, hyperplastic and admixed) is shown.

Yu A Petrov

Rostov state medical university

Email: pahom@ctsnet.ru
Department of obstetrics and cynecology no.1


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