The combined used of homeopathy and dynamic electroneurostimulation in improvement qualities of the sexual life of men


The deterioration of a sexual life revealed approximately at third of conditionally healthy men, defines necessity of carrying out of regenerative actions. A subject of the present research was the analysis of application with the similar purpose of a complex of homoeopathy and dynamic electroneurostimulation (DENS).
By results of work it is confirmed, that the offered technology surpasses in productivity (dynamics of subjective and objective characteristics) compared variants of influence - separately homoeopathic or DENS against platsebo-therapy.

L G Agasarov

Moscow medical academy of I.M. Sechenova

СКБ восстановительного лечения; Московская медицинская академия им. И.М. Сеченова; Moscow medical academy of I.M. Sechenova

R A Gurtskoi

Central railway hospital

Урологическое отделение; Центральная железнодорожная больница г. Батайска; Central railway hospital


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