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The model of social policy implemented in the country, is entirely determined by the features of the existing socio-economic system. For countries where the economy is built on the basis of social-democratic approaches, the most characteristic of the Scandinavian model of social policy. In countries with a reduced role of the state in the economy is used residual and institutional types of social policy. Conservative type of social policy is a reflection of the social market economy. Russia doesn't fit in any of these models as its socio-economic system has a rather contradictory structure: features of early and late capitalism, something from the socialist past and you can even find some characteristic features of feudal society. It is a low wage, the highest in the world differentiation of property and income that do not correspond to today's realities, the system of compulsory social insurance. As a guide may be selected Norway is a country close to Russia in structure of economy, export-dependent, in all other respects they are totally dissimilar. Norway world and European leader in the socio-economic development. According to the author to explain such results is possible only in the presence of normal political competition, thanks to which they take into account the interests of the majority populations.

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Vladimir V Paramonov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Public Administration


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