No 1 (2009)


The Theory and Methods of Study of Political Tension

Аlekhnovich S.O., Slizovskiy D.E., Ozhiganov E.N.


The given article contains the description of the results of methods of studying political tension (including modeling). The authors analyze the term «political tension» and the broad specter of scientific theories related to it.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):5-21
pages 5-21 views

System-Dynamical Modeling: the Principles, Structure and Variables (on the Example of the Moscow Region)

Аlekhnovich S.O., Slizovskiy D.E., Ozhiganov E.N.


The given article analyses the methods of system-dynamical modeling of political tension on the example of the Moscow region. The authors provide detailed principles, structure and variables of system-dynamical modeling.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):22-36
pages 22-36 views

Government Relations as Form of Social, Political and Business Communication: to the Definition of Notions

Kinyakin A.A., Matveenkov D.O.


This article devoted to the analysis of the approaches to the definition of the notion «government relations» and consideration of GR as a specific form of communicative management, currently frequently used by the corporate structures in the political aspects of their activity.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):37-47
pages 37-47 views

Transformation of Electoral Process in Federal and Regional Measuring: Practice, Tendencies, Conclusions (on Example of Elections in Yaroslavl Area)

Noskova E.Y.


In the article the processes of transformation of electoral process are examined on federal and regional levels, the last elections are analyzed in the State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the State Duma of the Yaroslavl area.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):48-55
pages 48-55 views

Centrifugal and Centripetal Tendencies in the EuropeanUnion and the Problem of the Sovereignty of the States-Members of the European Union

Mescheryakova O.M.


The article is devoted to the problem of occurrence and development of centrifugal and centripetal tendencies in the European Union. The author analyses contradictory essence of the European Union.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):56-63
pages 56-63 views

The Riddle of «The French Exception»: the Reason and Consequences of the Gender Asymmetry in Politic

Zhukova O.I.


The gender asymmetry is the one the characteristics for all countries of the world. The uniqueness of the French situation consists in many factors which affected considerable the question of the establishment of gender balance in the society in comparison with other European countries. In the majority of French researches and works, we can find the phenomenon of «the French exception» or «the French specificity» which is one of prominent features of the gender situation in France. At all stages of historical development of the French society the women right of presence at the sphere of politics was persevering by various discrimination mechanisms. In what French «specificity» consists?
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):64-71
pages 64-71 views

China's Strategy of Asserting National Interests in Context of International Security and Russian National Security

Arsentyeva I.I.


In the article is examined China's strategy of asserting national interests in global world. Also the author describes current development and prospects of Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation. The problems of Russian-Chinese relations are emphasized. The author draws the conclusion, that the spectrum of Russian-Chinese strategic cooperation in 21th century is diversive, it has not only regional, but also global character.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):72-82
pages 72-82 views

Peculiarities of Interethnic Consent of Kazakhstani People

Mukazhanova A.Z.


The article considers actual problems of bringing up of international consent of the Kazakhstan. In contemporary conditions of transformation and globalization of society, it is vitally necessary to analyze and reconsider the place and role of international bringing up of the Kazakhstanies, as well as its specifics. Besides the author pays special attention to poorly researched aspects of formation and bringing up of the interethnic consent in Kazakhstan.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):83-88
pages 83-88 views

Political Problems of the Legal Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Absattarov G.R.


The given publication reveals actual political problems of the legal policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, thus paying considerable attention to disputable issues and not well researched aspects of the legal policy of Kazakhstan as one of the constituent parts of state politics.
RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):89-97
pages 89-97 views

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RUDN Journal of Political Science. 2009;(1):98-98
pages 98-98 views

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