The Creativity of the Internet Communication as a Citizen Political Participation

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The observers of the political relationship development agree that the character and variety of political engagement has evolved overtime into a process continuing and escalating into the foreseeable future.
Communicative tools like information technologies and independent mass media produce an increasing effect on the political practices. These devices can have inevitable consequences for shaping not only modifications but even new trends as does the way in which citizens participate in politics. Capacity of creativity and creative tools, in a variety of forms, are acknowledged to be one of the key ways to expand and mark a new level of citizen influence on the authorities and civil society institutions. This perspective stands behind the increased focus on creativity in information crafting, information interpretation and information perception which, being political participation, enables to add value to political transactions and bring new ideas in the social and political discussions held in the community.

About the authors

D A Voynov

Institute of Communicative Arts, Non-State Educational Establishment (NOU)

Кафедра социальных коммуникаций и технологий; НОУ ВПО «Институт коммуникативных технологий»; Institute of Communicative Arts, Non-State Educational Establishment (NOU)


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