Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Patriotic Education Programs by High School Students in the Regions of the Siberian Federal District


The main content of federal and regional programs for patriotic education of the citizens of the Russian Federation is targeted at work with school students, which puts emphasis on the analysis of young people opinion of these programs effectiveness. Basing on the data of the mass survey of senior school students in 10 regions of the Siberian Federal district, the article brings out their grounds for differentiating “patriot” and “non-patriot”, the comparative analysis of representations of these groups of pupils as about priority subjects of patriotic education and effective execution of its particular trends. The article has pointed out positive attitude of the majority of school students to anchoring patriotic values in youth environment through patriotic films. Young people have ambiguous attitude to the idea of compulsory patriotic education in schools and universities, and school students who do not identify themselves as patriots are negative about it. The participation of school students in patriotic events has been linked to their further self-identification as patriots. The authors emphasize that the formalized approach to working with young people leads in practice to a low level of their awareness of the content of the main directions of patriotic education, weak and not systematic involvement of schoolchildren in patriotic events and the work of patriotic associations. Based on the results of the study, the article concludes that there is a fairly large number of young people who do not share patriotic values and critically assess the effectiveness of many areas of patriotic education programs.

About the authors

Sergey Yuryevich Aseev

Altai State University

Author for correspondence.
Email: suass@mail.ru

PhD in Historical Science, Associate Professor of the Department of Political Science

Barnaul, Russian Federation

Dmitrij Anatolevich Kachusov

Altai State University

Email: dmitrij.kachusov@mail.ru

Senior Lecturer of the Department of Political Science

Barnaul, Russian Federation


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