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One of the priorities of the current reform of Russian public administration, including the regional authorities, is the creation of an optimal system for assessing its effectiveness. The author suggests a reputational approach to assessing the efficiency of regional administration. In this approach, reputation is seen as a kind of “resulting criterion” for social effectiveness of government agencies. The author presents basic provisions of new and novel balanced system of methods for assessing executive authorities’ efficiency in federal subjects of Russia. This system makes it possible to identify both successes and failures in implementing state regional policy, taking into account the so-called “coefficient of public opinion”. The key idea of the reputational approach to assessing the efficiency of regional power consists in identifying both objective and subjective factors, which directly correlate with each other. Public opinion, influencing the objective factors, plays a crucial role in the assessment. The socially oriented assessment system has top priority in the efficiency evaluation, which consists in adjustment of objective factors in accordance with public opinion. The author presents an algorithm for the development of evaluation methods, which includes five basic steps and key principles for building a system of indicators to assess the effectiveness of regional authorities based on the reputational approach.

About the authors

Nina Nickolaevna Rozanova

Smolensk State University

Author for correspondence.

PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Management, Smolensk State University

Przhevalsky str., 4, Smolensk, Russian Federation, 214000


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Copyright (c) 2018 Rozanova N.N.

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