Aspects of Polarization: Discussion about the Political Mood in American Society

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The article considers the expression of political polarization in American society at the present stage and reflection of these processes in the American social and political thought. The author points out different approaches to the explanation of this phenomenon. One approach is the following strengthen of polarization in the United States. There are few problems, which are discussed in relation to this scenario: the ideological, racial and cultural fragmentation of society; the effect of polarization factor on political institutions and control the political process; the impact of electoral practice, activities of state institutions and political parties on the social heterogeneity, etc. Another approach is the different view of polarization and its role in society. The group of researchers is of the opinion that in the second half of XX - at the beginning of XXI centuries American society was not polarized on the base of politics. In describing the process of political polarization in the US the author also pays attention to the following aspects: distribution of political preferences in society, factors that determine political positions of individuals and groups of people. Among the important factors highlighted the activities of the US media. On the one hand, the media are influenced by political and social groups, provide information that the audience expects from them. On the other hand, mass media forms public opinion and promote the approval of a certain ideology.

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A Yu Bykov

Saint Petersburg State University

7/9 Universitetskaya emb., St. Petersburg, Russia, 199034


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