No 4 (2008)


The Concept of Force Compulsion

Kolotusha V.V.


The article is devoted to revealing of the contents and substantiation of necessity of the concept of force compulsion, offered by the author. The author adheres to the point of view, according to which not any application of force can be attributed to violence, and some actions without attributes of application of force can be violent. In the article the author's definition of concept of force compulsion as necessary kind of social management based on application or threat of application of force is given.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):5-12
pages 5-12 views

Information and Communication's Technologies and the Problem of Conservation and Development of Humanistic Traditions

Rusakov A.Y.


The subject of authors consideration is modern information and communication technology, their cultural and historical foundation and precondition of their dominant model, as well as possible and in fact the real impact (positive and negative) of their deployment in the local as well as global socio measurement; author gives special attention to analysis and evaluation of characteristics of ratio of information and communications technologies and value-humanist traditions, experiencing symptoms of the crisis in the space of virtual reality.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):13-21
pages 13-21 views

The Antinomy of Artistic and Commercial Value of Art

Matyushova M.P.


This article discusses the relationship between artistic and commercial value of art. The author shows the evolution of aesthetic consciousness, arguing that the artistic value of works of art until the end of the XIX century is directly related to the creative talent of individuals. In the contemporary art world, convinced the author, there is a steady and progressive intrusion of money in art. It is noteworthy that not only creative products guaranteed money, but also an art critic is involved in the monetization of art.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):22-28
pages 22-28 views

Philosophical Problems of Human Genetics and Gene Engineering

Naydysh V.M., Gnatik E.N.


The basic types of philosophical questions of modern human genetics and gene engineering are analysing in the article. The authors notice the importance of the creative alliance between materialist rationalistic philosophy and modern human genetics and gene engineering.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):29-35
pages 29-35 views

Conceptual Versions of Philosophy of Technological Progress

Makeev S.V.


In this work the author considers the evolution of notions about the correlation of mind and reason and their partial evolution through the correlation of rationalism and sensualism. In this article the author considers the basses of forming the subject of technocratic theories «the competent selfish». The historical ideas of essence and meanings of technics were considered as the genetic component, which influenced on the forming of technocratic idea.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):36-44
pages 36-44 views

Philosophical Conceptualisation of the Phenomenon of Fantastic

Mikhaylov A.N.


The article presents an attempt to illuminate and discuss the possibility of conceptualizing the fantastic in the frameworks of classical and postmodern philosophical paradigms. It is suggested that primary concepts include ontological (being and nonbeing), epistemological (belief and doubt), and worldview (natural and supernatural) categories. Building upon the aforementioned notions, the author adds new constructs from the arsenal of post-nonclassical philosophy (transgression and limit). The study shows that theorizing about the transgressional experience of fantastic is only possible through overcoming the common belief in the dichotomy between real and unreal, natural and supernatural, reliable and unbelievable. Only such an approach is conducive to maintaining the unified meaning of the phenomenon of fantastic.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):45-53
pages 45-53 views

Ontology of Faith and Transformation of Metaphysics in Russian Philosophy in the First Half of XX Century

Nizhnikov S.A.


In the article are considered subject-methodological changes in development of Russian philosophy in the first half of XX centuries, which connected with Kantian philosophy, motivating transition from traditional metaphysics to ontology of faith. Russian philosophy, despite of all criticality to Kant's reform, could not remain away from the general development of philosophy on the European continent. In the article are analyzed problems rising before Russian philosophy in connection with attempt of construction of faith ontology. The special attention is given to achievements and contradictions in S.L. Franc's creativity who has experienced the influence by M. Heidegger.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):54-63
pages 54-63 views

Stop in Movement to Pure Consciousness

Kutcherenko A.V.


The maintenance and value of epoche in structure of E. Husserl's method of transcendent phenomenological reduction is considered in this article. Discrepancy of the research process of pure forms of consciousness and the universality of a unique basis of all representations variety is established here. The interrelation of the rational and irrational moments in the world outlook concept is estimated. Kant's ideas of pure contemplation are compared to their interpretation by representatives of phenomenology.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):64-71
pages 64-71 views

Induction in Aristotle's works

Petrov V.B.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):72-78
pages 72-78 views
pages 79-83 views

Axiological Bases of Educational Paradigm

Perevoschikova L.S.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):84-89
pages 84-89 views

Aero Cosmic Activity in Horizon of Analitic and Evaluative Vision

Krichevsky S.V.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):90-96
pages 90-96 views

Truth as Self-Organizing System of Knowledge

Ukhov A.Y.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):97-101
pages 97-101 views

Problem of a Human in Philosophy of Gabriel Marcel

Tochilin A.A.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):102-106
pages 102-106 views

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RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2008;(4):107-108
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