No 2 (2009)


The Values of Technocracy

Mironov A.V.


A new ethics of technocracy is forming in a modern globalized society. Its main values are out of the theocentic or anthropocentric tradition. Separation of such values of technocracy as progress, possession, objectivity, substitutability, manageability, all-solvability, pragmatism (quality-price ratio) and irresponsibility allows to formalize this ethics and makes it accessible for philosophic analysis and publicity.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):5-12
pages 5-12 views

Gender Challenge of contemporaneity

Maximova O.B.


Gender relations in modern society have their historical roots and are subject to change. The tendencies as well as the tremendous scale of transformations currently taking place both in Russia and in the West can be treated in terms of «gender challenge». The article deals with the typical trends of gender relations' transformations in the global framework as well as reveals the peculiarities of Russian gender order.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):13-27
pages 13-27 views

Aesthetic Cognitivism And The Problem Of Artistic Truth

Panaiotidi E.G.


The core assumptions of the cognitivist view about artistic truth are the claims that (1) art is capable of the unique kinds of knowledge and truth and (2) that this capacity determines its supreme value. However the advocates of different versions of aesthetic cognitivism fail to justify these claims. In this paper it is suggested that to arrive at a viable conception of the artistic truth the strong theses of the uniqueness of artistic knowledge and truth and the centrality of cognitive dimension in the definition of artistic value should be abandoned.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):28-35
pages 28-35 views

Transcendental-Phenomenological Basis of the Problems of Religious Studies Research

Chelovenko T.G.


The article is devoted to the perspectives of philosophic phenomenology of religion and its influence on Religious Studies. Cultural anthropological contexts and their philosophical interpretation, in author's opinion, enable us to look at the living world from a new angle. The search for God, an attempt of acquiring faith, is treated within these contexts as an essential component of diverse human experience.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):36-43
pages 36-43 views

«A Median Way»: the Buddhist Answer to Calls of Globalization

Ulanov M.S.


The Article is dedicated to problem of the influence of the process globalizations on buddhism. It is noted that buddhism more gains from globalizations, than loses since he more easy, than the other religions East is adapted to all change the modern world.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):44-51
pages 44-51 views

Interpretation of Concepts Identity and Interpersonality in Philosophy of Fichte

Tatarnikova Y.M.


The Classical German philosophy is usually defined as relative homogeneous development. This point seems to be rather disputable today. The main topic of the given article concerns the continuity of philosophical ideas from Kant to Fichte. The significant concepts with respect to this continuity are identity and interpersonality.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):52-59
pages 52-59 views

Philosophy of N.I. Pirogov as an Answer to the Question of Life

Grevtsova E.S.


The article attempts to prove that Pirogov N.I. was a representative of existentialistic tradition of Russian philosophical thought which addressed the philosophical problems of life-semantic nature.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):60-69
pages 60-69 views

Ontological Foundations of Philosophy of Neorationalism of G. Bachelard

Arapov O.G.


The article focuses on ontological foundation of imagination and mythical and poetic images on the example of 'material imagination' concept by the French philosopher G. Bachelard.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):70-80
pages 70-80 views

Discretness and Continuity of History: Infant-Culture and its' Alternatives

Yurkevich A.G.
RUDN Journal of Philosophy. 2009;(2):81-85
pages 81-85 views
pages 86-90 views

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