The textological problems in studies on the philosophy of F.W.J. Schelling

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In the article the author focuses on the situation with sources for the work of the German philosopher F.W.J. Schelling. The article argues for the necessity of giving up several methodological stereotypes typical for the traditional approaches to the history of the German idealism and tries to outline the main trends of the developing an interdisciplinary research strategy for studies on Schellings philosophical work. The author shows on this example the indissoluble connection between textology and hermeneutics in the history of philosophy.

About the authors

Petr V Rezvykh

National research university - Higher school of economics

Институт гуманитарных историко-теоретическихисследований им. А.В. Полетаева; Национальный исследовательский университет -Высшая школа экономики; National research university - Higher school of economics


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