Understanding of Historicity in Philosophy of Neo-patristic Syntesys G.V. Florovsky

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The conception «historicity» is used both in the theory of history and in the philosophy of history. In XX new impulses to apply this conception was given by historical theology of Germany and philosophy of existentialism. This application furthered to include the conception «historicity» in the philosophy of neo-patristic synthesis. But this inclusion was creative and synthetic borrowing. The synthesis is that George Florovsky re-comprehends a meaning of the conception «historicity» in the spirit of the patristic philosophy, extending the vocabulary of the patristic in the sphere of the philosophy of history.

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A P Glazkov

Astrakhan State University

Кафедра философииФакультет социальных коммуникаций; Астраханский государственный университет; Astrakhan State University


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