Mysteries of spirit and science problems

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In this paper is shown that such characteristics of knowledge as the mystery and the scientific problem are different by their essence from the viewpoint of the cognitive and values consciousness’ function. The mystery is a form of spirituality, where the knowledge and experience of reality are a kind of the syncretic unity. Therefore, the mystery is uninterpreted form of the spirit in essence. I show that cognitive features dominate over the value features inside the scientific problem. So, the problem can be transformed into a finite number of available, algorithmic tasks. The problems ‘task is to introduce the subject of knowledge into the field of the unknown structural relationship of reality. A mystery brings to mind the person about the infinity of being.

About the authors

V M Naydysh

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Ontology and Epistemology Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Copyright (c) 2016 Philosophy

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