Gnoseology aspect of Īçvara-Vāda (the indian teaching of personal God/ Īçvara)

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The article is devoted to gnoseology aspect of īçvara-vāda or the Indian teaching of Personal God/Īçvara in Hindus Philosophical systems Nyāya and Vaiçeşika. One of the main sources of valid knowledge in Indian Philosophy is anumāņa that is logical inference. Theistic argumentation for God`s being in Indian philosophical tradition according to logical rules is called Īçvarānumāņa. Eminent representative of Īçvarānumāņa Udayanāchācharya in his work ’’Nyāyakusumaņjali’’ elaborated and made a synthesis of Nyāya argumentation for God`s being in his famous eight means of logical demonstration.

About the authors

E N Anikeeva

Peoples’ Friendship Univrsity of Russia

Department of History of Philosophy Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


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