Destiny of philosophy in anticipation of domination of equipment

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The article shows that philosophy, after losing out its dominance as a form of man's relationship to the world in the 5-7 centuries AD, consistently becomes “a handmaiden of religion” (5-15 AD), and then “handmaiden of science” (18-20 centuries AD). It is also shown that the crisis of scientific rationality (20th century), suggests that science, as the dominated form of man's relationship to the world, is gradually giving their dominance to Technology. This process is manifested in the fact that “the volume of discovered reality” by science ceases to satisfy the needs of man, gives a way to “the volume of the constructed reality” by technology. With the advent of the dominance of technology, philosophy will inevitably come in the position of its maid. However, in a time when science is losing its dominance, and the technology has not been fully acquired it - there is a chance for philosophy to say its new word, as it has been during the change of dominance between religion and science in the 16-18 centuries. In paper presented explicitly three maxims of the religion, science and technology.

About the authors

A N Pavlenko

Institute of philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Research Group “Ontologiya”


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