Scool phobia in the structure of social phobic phenomena adolescents

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The article discusses the problems of school phobia among adolescents and clarifies the factors contributing to an increase in the prevalence of it (somato-neurological, psychological, proper schooling). Presented data on the prevalence of school phobia among adolescents who seek ambulant medical psychiatric care. From the 330 patients 15-17 years with phobic disorders, social phobia was detected in 95 cases, a little less than half of them were people with a pathological fear of school. Analysis of the results of clinical follow-up survey of 43 patients, based on the mechanism of development of pathological fear (29 male, 14 female) made it possible to divide them into three groups of patients. Patients who belong to the first group presented school phobia developed on reactive mechanism, the second - reactive endogenous, the third - was determined by the regularity of flow of schizophrenic process. The complex therapeutic strategies used in the therapy of adolescents in each group were described.

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A G Golovina

Scientific Center of Mental Health of RAMS

Ведущий научный сотрудник; Научный центр психического здоровья РАМН; Scientific Center of Mental Health of RAMS


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