“Little person” of the Don Aminado in the mirror of the short parody-story

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The article is devoted to the representation of «little person» and its distinctive features in short parody-stories of the Don Aminado. The main history developmental milestones of this genre and its evolution are briefly indicated, from buffoonery to literary parody of 20 th century. In particular, the intextuality is considered as a key element for most parodies of the Don Aminado. The methods that form comic on the levels of composition, style of speaking and language are explored. The lingual game becomes the very frequent language feature. On the speech level comic is implemented through the reminiscence and allusion. Intentional part is represented with parodies on different genres by force of correspondence unity between plot structure, character arrangement, platitudes. According to the derided genre the interaction of text and proto-text is regarded in detail.

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N P Chizh

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Email: super_chizh@mail.ru
Philological faculty


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