Features of publicizing of ecological disaster in the Armyansk in 2018 in Russian and Ukrainian media

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During natural and other types of disasters, our society has an acute need of reliable information which will reveal the essence of the threat in a timely manner, relieve panic tensions and mobilise society for survival in diffi cult conditions. In such conditions the mass media are called upon to play an informative role - their main goal is to reduce the level of uncertainty. However, often in extreme situations, the media become sources of false and biased information submitted out of time. As a result, the fl ow of rumors and false assumptions is growing - that contributes to the spread of public panic and loss of media confi dence. Analysis of the media work on the coverage of the environmental disaster that occurred in August 2018 in the Crimean city of Armyansk will reveal the shortcomings and diffi culties in the work of the media and will provide an opportunity to develop an eff ective strategy for information support of acute tragic events which aff ect large populations in order to reduce the destructive eff ects.

About the authors

Tatyana V. Cherepanova

Lomonosov Moscow State University Branch in Sevastopol

Author for correspondence.
Email: cherepan71@rambler.ru

Candidate of Sociological Sciences, Associate Professor of the Journalism Department

7 Geroev Sevastopolya St., Sevastopol, 299000, Russian Federation

Alena A. Aleksandrova

Moscow Polytechnic University

Email: aalexxandrova@yandex.ru

master’s student in the fi eld of “Multimedia Journalism” of the Institute of Publishing and Journalism

2A Pryanishnikova St., Moscow, 127550, Russian Federation


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