Turkish Republic as an Object of Study of US Scienific and Political community: Conceptualization and Methodology of Research

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The article presents the main approaches developed within US scientific and political community concerning the Republic of Turkey and the Middle East region as a whole. These theoretical developments are a long-term conceptual framework of US foreign policy in the Middle East; moreover, the fact of American participation in the processes of political and military transformation of the region, as well as the desire to model the dynamics of these processes, is recognized in modern American historiography. In this context, research of the situation in the region, should be analyzed not through the prism of the theoretical understanding, but be perceived as political technologies designed to ensure the implementation of US foreign policy goals. Therefore the study of American historiography, analysis of new research approaches and methods are of scientific interest, but it must be noted that most research of well-known representatives of American scientific and political community are free from theorizing and methodological analysis, which creates certain difficulties in the study of its methodological framework.

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Vera A Chmyreva

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Email: vera1305@mail.ru
Theory and History of International Relations Chair


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