Thabo Mbeki’s Role in the Conflict Resolution Process in Darfur

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The article considers activities of the former South African president Thabo Mbeki in the conflict resolution in Darfur (Sudan). Since 2009, the members of the African Union High Implementation Panel have played a key role in peace process in Sudan. This team under the leadership of Thabo Mbeki contributed to preparations for the presidential election in Sudan in 2010, as well as led the warring parties to the agreement on the security regime in the border zone. Particular attention is given to Mbeki’s mediation in establishing a dialogue between the rebels and the government of Sudan and to his diplomatic mission aimed at normalization of relations between Chad and Sudan. The article defines his role in reaching a peace agreement between Chad and Sudan in 2010 and signing of peace agreements in Doha between the government and rebel groups in 2011. The article analyses the difficulties of Thabo Mbeki’s mission in conflict resolution in Darfur.

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Deffo Rowllings Tafotie

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Theory and History of International Relations


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