Ukrainian Crisis of 2013-2014 and Arab Spring of 2011: Common and Different

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On the background of the Ukrainian crisis of 2013-2014 one makes more comparisons between the events in Ukraine and the “Arab spring” of 2011, says that the technologies of the “Arab spring” came to Ukraine. Is that really so? What are the common and the different factors of the events in these countries? The author of the article considers that the Ukrainian crisis of 2013-2014 can be regarded as a link in the chain of the so-called color revolutions in the different countries and regions of the world during the 2000s-2010s only by a long stretch of the imagination. Despite the formal resemblance the Ukrainian crisis seems to be an independent phenomenon, caused by the entwinement of the internal and external factors; both were of great importance. But the events of the “Arab spring” were mainly formed on the basis of the internal factors.

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K P Kurylev

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Theory and History of International Relations Chair


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