No 2 (2011)


Influence of cllimate warmening on flowering time of early and lately flowering forest plants

Zhmyleva A.P., Karpukhina E.A., Zhmylev P.J.


It is popular to lean upon the bioclimatic models while discussing global warming influence on land and water ecosystems. These models to some extend assume similarity of phenological reaction of organisms on air temperature rising. In this connection the results of nine-year phenological observations of 22 forest plant species (trees, bushes, herbaceous perennial and annual plants) of broadleaved-coniferous zone in European part of Russia are considered. It is shown that species with early and late flowering demonstrate differently react on temperature rising in spring period. The reasons of unequal reaction of organisms on global warming are briefly discussed. As a whole the results of research confirm the assumption that species with early flowering most sharply react to climate warming.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):5-15
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Estimation of efficiency of nectar of kinds of plants and grassy communities of the Ryazan area

Pribylova E.P., Ivanov E.S.


Efficiency of nectar and sugar 124 a kind of plants from 23 families is studied. The kinds producing the greatest quantity of nectar are revealed. Resources of nectar of 31 communities of the Ryazan area are estimated.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):16-21
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Morphological structure of leaves Acer platonoides L. depending on pollution of the atmosphere

Spirina E.V., Spirina T.A.


In the Ulyanovsk region the estimation with help Acer platonoides L. is carried out bioindication. It is established, that A. platonoides L., growing on adverse under ecological characteristics to territories, are characterized by increase drought resistancea sheet that is expressed in reduction of the area of a sheet plate and increase of factor of the form of the central blade of sheet A. platanoides L.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):22-26
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State of health of schoolboys in the conditions of the megacity and village

Glebov V.V., Soshnikov E.A., Sidelnikova N.Y., Danacheva M.N., Ryazantceva M.A., Nazarov V.A., Mihailichenko K.Y., Chizhov A.Y.


In article comparative research a state of the schoolboys health living and trained in different social and ecological conditions of a capital megacity, city around Moscow and village scales is resulted. The description of ecological conditions of some areas of a capital megacity, a city situated near Moscow and village of the Kaluga region is given. The data on level and in frequency of occurrence of diseases among schoolboys of different age groups of conditions of a city and village is cited. On the basis of the received results different groups on level of adaptation and levels of psychosomatic health are revealed.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):27-38
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Studying of the psychosomatic condition of students and complex building workers' of the capital mega city

Sidelnikova A.Y.


In article major factors of risk of development diseases for building university students' and building complex workers' in the conditions of a capital megacity are considered. It is revealed that as such factors as improper feeding, high level of stressful pressure, hypodynamia, distributions of smoking and beer alcoholism are in sample of students. The important place in structure of risk development diseases to sample of building complex workers' in the conditions of a capital megacity occupies a wrong way of life. In disease structure illnesses of respiratory organs, musculoskeletal and nervous system prevail.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):39-43
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Features of influence of the environment factors of mega police on adaptation of foreign students

Anikina E.V.


In an article are considered ecological and the social factors of a big city influencing a psychosomatic of health condition of foreign students. The data of own researches is cited according to influence of negative factors in particular transport noise and vibration on psychosomatic of health condition of foreign students. The data about deviations in the student's environment - distribution of smoking, alcoholism and psychotropic substances is cited also.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):44-48
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Estimation of influence of socio economic parameters on sickness rate of the population of the Jewish autonomous region

Klinskaya E.O.


With the help plural of the analysis (correlation, factors, regression) the influence of socio-economic factors on sickness rate of the population of the Jewish autonomous region (JAR) by various classes of illnesses is investigated. The socio economic parameters, having the greatest reliability influencing on sickness rate of the population are revealed most information, priority. The mathematical models determining quantitative communications between priority socio economic parameters and such classes of illnesses, as illnesses of blood, blood making organs, endocrine of system, frustration of a feed and infringement of an exchange of substances, bodies of digestion, bone-muscles of system and connecting fabric, urine-genital of system, mental frustration and frustration of behavior are received.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):49-54
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Features erythrocytes in young people without physical training

Zavalishina S.Y., Fadeeva T.S.


To assess the functional characteristics of erythrocytes in healthy young 109 people 22-35 years are not physically practicing regularly.The lack of physical activity among young people 22-35 years old leads to negative changes in lipid composition of red blood cells, increase in their lipid peroxidation, contributing to decrease the content in the bloodstream of their discoid shapes. This is accompanied by thickening of blood over the potential dilution, gradually growing to 35 years old.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):55-62
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Formation of students' adaptive abilities at sambo classes

Martyshov A.V.


The article discusses the opportunities of improving the quality of the learning process of school students through developing their adaptability to stress factors, which results in a better physical condition, improved academic and physical performance of students.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):63-67
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Non-specific cellular resistance and immune status in case of chronic purulent sinusitis of industrial city and countryside inhabitants

Potapova I.S., Galiev R.S., Rosenberg G.S.


In this article non-specific cellular resistance and immune status in case of chronic purulent sinusitis of industrial city inhabitants are compared to countryside inhabitants' ones (62 persons from industrial city and 41 - from countryside). 98% of peasants have slight phagocytosis, high cellular resistance, 92,7% of them have good immune defence. 62,2% of citizens have secondary immunodeficiency, 29% - chronic carriage intracellular Mycoplasmes, Chlamidii, Gerpes virus and Cytomegalovirus.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):68-73
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Fertilizers effects on spring wheat productivity and heavy metals (Cd, Zn, Cu) accumulation in plant

Kartuzova M.N., Chernykh N.A., Zhigareva T.L., Popova G.I.


Results of a 2-year greenhouse experiment have shown, that fertilizers differently effect on spring wheat productivity and heavy metals accumulation in the plant. Contaminated with Cd, Zn и Сu soddy-podzolic soil shown 10-45% lower wheat yield, compared with the soil without heavy metals. Zn effects more negative on growth and formation of wheat yield, especially in a variant with NPK-amended soil. In the second year, the effect is the same. Suprodit-amended Cd, Cu and Zn contaminated soil showed a 1,4-2,0 lower uptake of heavy metals in the plant than NPK and nitrophosphate-amended soils in the first year and a 1,4-2,2 - in the second year.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):74-80
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Agri-environmental efficiency оf seeds processing of water extracts from rocks and vermikomposts

Stepanova L.P., Starodubzev V.N., Stepanova E.I.


Processing of seeds before crop of microelements increases yield and quality of the products. The use of organic and mineral substances contained in the vermikomposts and rock provide a positive impact on sown quality, growth and development of plants, their resistance to adverse factors and can be performed in households without additional financial costs for their acquisition аnd for utilization waste production in the region.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):81-88
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The esthetic and psychological mark of landscape complexes for the development of health recreation and tourism

Oborin M.S.


In this article the esthetic and psychological the peculiarities of influence of landscape complexes on person's health are revealed. The short characteristic of landscape complexes is given. The peculiarities of their usage in treating process are represented.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):89-93
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Evaluation of background noise in the city of Nakhodka

Klimova M.G., Khristoforova N.K.


On the base of real measuring the analysis of the noise characteristics made by motor transport on the roads and streets of urban territory (on the sample of the city of Nakhodka, Primorsky region) was carried out. The degree of noise pollution and exceeding of sanitary standards of the micro-districts of the city were found out.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2011;(2):94-102
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