No 1 (2013)


Manifestations of cognitive abilities of columbiformes in response to a repellent effect

Enaleev I.R.


This article examines the forms of defensive behavior of pigeons in response to a repellent effect in grain industry objects. It discusses some of the cognitive abilities of columbiformes, manifested by them during the shooting by pneumatic guns. It evaluates the effectiveness of hunting as a form of repellent effect on birds.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):5-10
pages 5-10 views

Flora of Dubna: cultivated vascular plants

Alekseev Y.E., Zhmylev P.Y., Karpuhina E.A., Terebova A.S.


A list of cultivated vascular plants of Dubna (Moscow Region) including 342 species and hybrids from 74 plant families is presented.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):11-17
pages 11-17 views

Level of anticoagulation and fibrinolytic activity of blood sucking of sows in environmental conditions in Central Russia

Medvedev I.N., Parahnevich A.V.


Healthy milking sows that were grown in environmental conditions of Central Russia, during lactation has increased functional activity of anticoagulation and fibrinolysis. This leads to the maintenance of an optimal level of liquid properties of blood, providing the necessary level of oxygen delivery to the tissues. High activity of anticoagulation and fibrinolysis of blood of sows during suckling allows an animal to adapt to existing conditions of existence and to prepare for the new reproduce offspring.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):18-21
pages 18-21 views

Ecological situation region as indicator of the condition of quality of the population (on an example of Perm region)

Oborin M.S., Gavrilova I.N.


In article the short characteristic of quality of environment of Perm region is presented. Features of change quality of health of the population of the region on an example of distribution of oncological diseases are considered. Attempt to connect a condition ecological a condition with an incidence is undertaken.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):22-29
pages 22-29 views

Features cytoarchitecture and aggregation of erythrocytes in children 7—8 years with scoliosis on the background of regular swimming

Nagibina E.V., Zavalishina S.Y.


In 7—8 years spent on 27 children with scoliosis of the I-II degree research extent of impact of swimming on a condition of cytoarchitecture and aggregation of erythrocytes was estimated. Scoliosis correction at children of 7—8 years within 6 months by means of occupations by swimming authentically strengthened antioxidant security of erythrocytes and reduced lipid peroxidation in erythrocytes and blood plasma, considerably having improved indicators of cytoarchitecture and aggregation of erythrocytes, without having brought them, however, to level of children from control group.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):30-34
pages 30-34 views

Coal-mining region as object of management issue of greenhouse gases

Yastrebinsky M.A., Korobova O.S.


It is shown that Russia occupies advantageous situation among the developed countries on potential of decrease in issue of hotbed gases. Consequences of emissions of greenhouse gases on elements social ecology-economic system are given. The three-level structure of management is offered by issue of greenhouse gases of the coal-mining region
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):35-39
pages 35-39 views

About necessity of environmental and health monitoring of vehicular traffic

Zykov V.N., Chernyshov V.V., Chernyshov V.I.


This article shows that the current roads are considered in conjunction with the environment as an ecological-economic system “roads — road transport — environment”. This approach allows us to estimate the ecological safety of roads in a view of the climatic and economic features of the territories (from protected areas — to very large industrial centers with a high concentration of various industrial sectors), through which the road is paved. However, the development and use of environmental-health monitoring throughout the impact of roads on the overall situation of pollution is not allocated. Our research paying attention to the fallacy of such an approach.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):40-47
pages 40-47 views

Atmospheric air pollution from the Karaganda coal basin operating mines

Zengina T.Y., Akylbekova I.S.


The continued growth of coal production in the Karaganda coal basin induces the intensity of air pollution and affects to the deterioration of living conditions. The article presents air pollution spatial distribution analysis based on the mining stock specific technological characteristics study, which helped to identify areas of maximum air pollution risk for the environment and population.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):48-57
pages 48-57 views

Change of biogenic nutrient ground and vermicompost production from waste and zeolites

Stepanova L.P., Korenkova E.A., Tarakin A.V., Stepanova E.I., Tihoykina I.M.


The ability of micro-organisms sensitive to the slightest changes in the environment and high enzyme activity can be used to indicate the status of ecosystems and degradation assessment of toxic compounds in them. Microbial analysis of different types of soil nutrient constructed of waste, natural zeolites and soil, indicate that in all kinds of soil nutrients to create optimal conditions for the microorganisms.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):58-72
pages 58-72 views

The hydrological characteristics and major hydro-technical constructions of the river system Tigris-Euphrates

Jaafar A.X., Yurchenko S.I., Zvolinski V.P.


The article examines the impact of large dams on the river system, describes the peculiarities of hydrology and the largest hydro-technical constructions of the river system, the Tigris-Euphrates.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):73-79
pages 73-79 views

Formation and geochemistry of lacustrine sediments in Shaturskaya Meshchora

Gorbatov E.S.


The article presents results of the geochemical study of lithologic species of lacustrine sediments of Shaturskaya Meshchora. Studied the history of the formation of modern lacustrine complexes in the region during the late Pleistocene and Holocene, defined the geochemical characteristics of sedimentation. The results of statistical analysis of elemental composition of lithological species sediments of Shaturskaya lakes aimed at the identification and delineation of natural and anthropogenic paragenetic associations of chemical elements.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):80-88
pages 80-88 views

Usage of ecological simulation model to assess environmental impact of Kislogubskaya tidal power plant

Sultanova E.F., Sidorenko S.N., Orlova V.S.


This article describes the environmental impact assessment of The Kislogubskaya TPP based on the usage of ecological simulation model.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):89-96
pages 89-96 views

The management with a radioactive waste at the enterprises of nuclear branch

Khvostova M.S.


In article the situation at management with a radioactive waste in Russia is analysed. The sources of formation of a radioactive waste, and also their structure and processing methods are presented.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):97-106
pages 97-106 views

Implementation prospects of the international system of knowledge assessment in school

Kurbatova A.I., Kharlamova M.D.


This paper analyzes the modern system of knowledge assessment in schools, studies the system of knowledge assessment in the international Bologna process. It is proposed to consider the experience of ballroom-rating system implementation to evaluate the knowledge in the disciplines of science series: “Chemistry”, “Environment” (in English language), “Moscow Ecology and Sustainable Development” and “English” on the example of two private schools in Moscow.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2013;(1):107-114
pages 107-114 views

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