No 1 (2012)


Method of determining the index of ornithological attraction of household objects

Enaleev I.R.


Method of determining the ornithological attraction is calculated to 6 criteria for household objects with a complex ornithological situation. Based on the point scoring of the index the set of used repellents is chosen and the plan of biotechnical measures is constructed to reduce biological damage of synanthropic birds at the site.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):5-9
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The fatty acid profile of punica granatum L. seed oil

Goryainov S.V., Khomik A.S., Kalabin G.A., Vandishev V.V., Abramovich R.A.


One of the modern trends of pharmaceutical research is the search for new types of plant materials to extend the range of fatty oils for medical application. The main source of fatty oils are oil seeds and fruits of plants. Pomegranate seeds are of interest as a source of fatty oils atypical chemical composition. In one of our earlier studies by gas chromatography it was established that 40-60% of an unidentified acid is presented in pomegranate seed oil. According to the literature, the most likely to consider it as conjugated linolenic acid. In this paper, we have continued to study the composition of pomegranate seed oil with using GC-MS and NMR spectroscopy methods.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):10-15
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Ecological risks of a pathology of a thyroid gland in the Moscow agglomeration

Rustembekova S.A.


The role of factors of environment in development of a pathology of a thyroid gland is analyzed. On an example of the Moscow agglomeration the urgency of perfection of an ecologo-geochemical estimation of a dirt load condition of territories and search of new bioindicators, reflecting as a whole the comfort of territory for residing of the person is shown. The limited territories with an optimum situation for ability to live of the person are revealed. It is offered to consider distribution of diseases of a thyroid gland in certain territory as a marker of ecological well-being.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):16-23
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Activity of areas nucleus organizing regions in population of aboriginals of Kursk region

Medvedev I.N., Amelina I.V.


Population polymorphism active nucleus organizing regions areas in population of Kursk in the conditions of isolation in distance by means of a visual semiquantitative method of silvering nucleus organizing regions is estimated. Activity nucleus organizing regions in Kursk area has made 19.46 ± 0.13 c.u., D-ЯOР - 11.68 ± 0.09 y.e., G-ЯОР - 7.78 ± 0.07 y.e., thus in surveyed population small amount ЯОР with the sizes 0 and 4 c.u. is registered. Besides, activity communication nucleus organizing regions with intensity of synthesis of proteins of membranes erythrocyte at inhabitants of Kursk area has been investigated. It is found out increase in quantitative imposing appearance of the basic proteins of membranes erythrocyte at increase total transcriptional activity nucleus organizing regions. The greatest phenotypic the effect of activity nucleus organizing regions was showed in the quantitative maintenance of proteins spectrin and the squirrel of a strip 5. The revealed intensity of albuminous synthesis influences on partition cages, defining growth rate and intensity of functioning of fabrics.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):24-29
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Functioning mechanisms of vascular-platelet hemostasis

Kutafina N.V., Zavalishina S.Y.


The activity of vascular-platelet hemostasis is determined by the functional state of its components. Hemostatic possible blood vessel walls is their ability to synthesize prostacyclin, antithrombin and potent activators of fibrinolysis. The participation of platelets in hemostasis is based on their angiotroficheskoy vazaspasticheskoy and functions, their ability to adhesion and aggregation, participation in blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in effect. Only the equilibrium interaction of platelet function and blood vessels can ensure the adequacy of the process of hemostasis in the body as a whole, in many respects to optimal fluid properties of blood under any circumstances.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):30-37
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Physical influence of noise on drivers health

Klimova M.G., Khristoforova N.K.


Instrumentations of noise characteristics at work places of town passenger buses drivers was done. The exceed of noise sanitary standards was noticed. After proceeding of drivers' medical cards the fact of negative influence of noise on employees organs of hearing was revealed.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):38-46
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Estimation of stability permafrost rocks against technogenic attack during mastering the north territory of Russia

Buldovich S.N.


In this work is presented method drawn near accounting estimation of the influence technogenic factors on geocryologycal conditions and possibility of the begining disturbance of permafrost rocks. The Discriminating devil of the proposed method is a possibility of its using for a small area of heat technogenic attack with the different form and under flaky construction in top strata of the rocks.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):47-60
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Methodical approaches to separation of geoecological regions

Stanis E.V.


The investigation of regional geoecological problems have a big importance for economic development of region. At present does not exist strictly determined united requirements on which possible select geoecological regions. Different methods are used at separation of geoecological region, which hang from problems and scale of the studies.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):61-65
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The analysis of the geological structure and history of development of lacustrine kettles as the basis for geoecological monitoring (by the example of Shatursky group of lakes)

Rasskazov A.A., Gorbatov E.S.


To carry out of objective geoecological monitoring of lakes it is necessary not only timely supervision over their hydrological condition, but also the analysis of a geological structure and modern tendency of development of lacustrine kettles. On the basis of the geological and historical information was analyzed response Shatursky lakes systems on influence of some actual anthropogenous factors.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):66-73
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Kyoto mechanisms: mathematical modeling of the global CO2 emissions

Kurbatova A.I., Tarko A.M.


In article have been presented the mathematical model of a global cycle of carbon, and also have been analyzed the problem of offset of absorption of dioxide of carbon by the countries in the Kyoto Protocol.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):74-78
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Current trends in radon detection issues and physical methods of measuring its activity in soil, water and air (in Kazan and its vicinity)

Apkin R.N., Demidov A.V., Zabelin A.A.


The article deals with main problems of radon detection for provision of human life safety in office, living and other kinds of buildings. It analyses the most common ways of penetration of the gas under investigation into the buildings, dependence of its concentration on seasonal and meteorological parameters, kind of soil the building was erected on and geological-morphological characteristics of the site. Concrete results of radon activity measurements in water sources of Kazan, living houses basements and soil in the city and its suburbs are given.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):79-86
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Engineering-ecological aspects of the management with a toxic waste at a dismantling of a floating nuclear power unit

Khvostova M.S.


The analytical information of the management with a toxic waste of some the enterprises of Northwest region is presented. On an example of positive experience of dismantling of nuclear submarines the look-ahead estimations of a formation of a toxic waste are executed at dismantling of the floating power unit. Sources of formation of a toxic waste, their classification and ways of the management with them are analysed.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):87-94
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Biothemal recycling: an approach to waste issues in the republic of ivory coast

Aka Diby Marie Michele -.


This article is about the problem of waste management in the Republic of Cote d'Ivoire. Cote d'Ivoire is a country with a tropical climate so, biothermal recycling is suggested as one of best way to resolve the question waste management, which is nowadays a very serious and important issue for any country.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):95-98
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Ecological role litogenesis bases in differentiation of landscape sphere and formation on soil organic horizons

Michno V.B., Popova N.V.


In article the ecological role litogenesis factors in the course of landscape sphere and formation differentiation on soil organic horizons is considered. It is established that formation of landscapes property litogenesis bases has the differentiated character and depends from litogenesis structure of rocks composing it and a parity with the basic biological and soil-climatic factors, modern landscapes influencing development and on soil organic horizons.
RUDN Journal of Ecology and Life Safety. 2012;(1):99-101
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