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Fifa 18 is already here and it is natural that we wonder which characters will be the best players of FIFA 18 with the help of Free FIFA 18 coins . Ea Sports has released in this title a lot of classic players who are valued as always between 0-100. Marco Asensio, of Real Madrid, has managed to enter among his 100 best posts (specifically a 96) after leaving his mark on the Champions League this week. 


Henrikh Mkhitaryan of Manchester United has also managed to enter the ranking of the players of EA going ahead to Alli which has a classification post of 85 against the 83 that Henrikh Mkhitaryan has obtained. 



Who are the best players in FIFA 18?


Others that we can highlight among the 100 best characters of Fifa 18 are Bernardo Silva of Manchester City with a 100; Sami Khedira of Real Madrid has 99, and Sadio Mane of Liverpool 98. Among other players that stand out are the always famous Pele with 95 points of passage, 96 shot and 96 dribble, becoming one of the most emblematic and powerful players of Fifa 18 with the help of FIFA 18 free points

Other classic football players valued in the highest positions are Ronaldinho with 94 puntis, Ruud Gullit with 93, Thierry Henry with 93 and Alessandro del Piero with 92. The famous defender of Barcelona Puyol is among the best in this table with 92 points . 


Other players with 91 points are Robert Pirès, Patrick Vieira, Michael Owen, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho get all of them with free fifa 18 fut coins hack





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Another classic legend is the Argentine Diego Maradona, with a shot of 93 points, a pass of 92, a dribble of 97 and a physicist of 76, constituting a ranking of 97 of 100 points. Ronaldo is next with a score of 96 and a shooting capacity of 95, a pass of 81, a dribble of 95 and a physicist of 76, although as always, he falters a bit in the defense.