Desovereignization and the Loss of Political Subjectivity by the State

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The article discusses the interconnection of desovereignization processes and state’s loss of political subjectivity. The author points out the need to introduce a special approach to the identification and to the analysis of state sovereignty, as well as offers to consider facts of limitation of sovereignty in terms of desovereignization processes. This specialization of study helps to search to detect and to establish allowable state restrictions of state sovereignty in which its supreme power retains the ability to quickly and effectively respond to threats promotion policy of national interests. Restriction of sovereignty, according to the author, is acceptable only when it does not lead to a loss of political subjectivity of the state.

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A V Minaev

The Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Author for correspondence.
Volkhonka str., 14/1, Moscow, Russia, 119991




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