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Abstact. In the article there is considered the problem of possible rapprochement of Marx’s philosophy and existentialism. This question has the history in J.P. Sartre's attempts to enrich marxism with existentialism and peculiar to it method of “comprehension”. These attempts were criticized as from orthodox marxists (R. Garaudy), and from outside the “right” thinkers (R. Aron) convinced that the contradiction between marxism and existentialism in frames of history of mankind is unsolvable. Besides, in the article there is also analyzed the attempt to connect marxism and existentialism, undertaken by E. Fromm. According to E. Fromm, K. Marx’s philosophy is original “spiritual existentialism” that still was not understoodly orthodox Marxists. Adherents of association of marxism and existentialism are convinced that the marxism philosophy deprived of the existential motives and reduced to the logical and methodological and structurally functional components appears unattractive and even lifeless construct. The revolutionary theory of marxism has to be expressed in the bright formulas sated with passion, it has to be guided not only by rational arguments, but also by “logic of heart”. Such theory has to be existential philosophy. There is a problem, equally important both for K. Marx's philosophy and for existentialism, - the problem of alienation. But the solution of this problem in these philosophical directions is not only deeply various, but also opposite. If for existentialism alienation represents an ontologic phenomenon, i.e. alienation accompanies existence of Man in all its stages, then for K. Marx this phenomenon has the social and historical nature and therefore exactly in the history of Man it arises and in the same history it is overcome.

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S I Dudnik

Saint-Petersburg State University

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Universitetskaya Naberezhnaya, 9, St. Petersburg, Russia, 199034


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