The Prospectiveness of Metaphisical Discourse of Eros: Dualities of Erotism and Waymarks of Reevaluation

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Metaphysical discourse nowadays seems to many people to be more retrospective than prospective. It claims to have the true knowledge obtained through so called “intellectual intuition” that makes it empirically neither verifiable nor falsifiable. Besides that it demonstrates principal dissolution with dominant paradigm which is if not materialistic than at least positivistic or pragmatic. Nevertheless metaphysical discourse can possibly obtain its prospectiveness for us. Any model of practices of Eros is obviously a social construct but social constructs differs in fields they are pointing at. There are social constructs that being themselves products of social construction could still guide the project of self-fulfillment as a subject of Eros into the area beyond the boundaries of any constructing and any arbitrariness. In this case we come to the need of unconditional of which metaphysical discourse has something to say. However we could face the reproach with intellectual escapism or preferring “the easy way of dreaming of transcendence”. Anticipating this reproach we should realize that reevaluation of the metaphysical discourse of Eros is solely the first step and the main work starts with the following implementation of self as exactly a metaphysical subject.

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Ph V Tagirov

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

Department of Social Philosophy Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences




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