The images of Kalmyks in the works by A. Dumas and H. Balzac

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The author of the article has attempted to analyse the images of Kalmyks seen through the eyes of two writers - A. Dumas and H. Balzac. The first contact of so distant cultures as French and Kalmyks took place in the period of Napoleonic Wars: in 1814 Russian army including Kalmyk forces marched into Paris. Balzac in the novel “Ursula Mirouet” reflected the perception of images of Kalmyks as absolutely alien and inimical. In 1858-1859 Dumas visited Russia and described his impressions in the travel book, where description of Kalmyk culture took a great place. Dumas presented Kalmyk culture as Buddhistic and expressed his delight with many features of national Kalmyk character. The author of the article believes, that literary images of Kalmyks is one of the forms of cultural dialogue.

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G A Sorokina

Kutafin Moscow State Law University





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