Two «poetic microcosms» of the early V. Khlebnikov

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The article is devoted to the problematics of space and time structurization, ambivalence and paradoxicality of the reality institutionalization in V.V. Khlebnikov's poetic texts on the material of two well-known poems examination. Mythologems, significant for poet's creative works, are considered in temporal and locative aspects. On the basis of the comprehensive analysis of the texts presented in the article the author arrives at the idea of deep interaction between microcosm, cosmos and macrocosm and their transformations in the «poetic Universe» of Velimir Khlebnikov.

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M V Ganin

Russian Peoples' Friendship University

Кафедра русской и зарубежной литературыФилологический факультет; Российский университет дружбы народов; Russian Peoples' Friendship University




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