Theoretical and experimental modeling of deformation of a cylindrical shell made of 45 steel under complex loading

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Thin-walled cylindrical shells are used in elements of highly loaded products of mechanical engineering and energy. Along with their frequent use in production, experimental research in laboratories is also carried out constantly. This allows to simulate the behavior of the shell when exposed to external forces. But sometimes conducting an experiment becomes little possible due to the limitation of the power of the experimental apparatus when modeling the corresponding conditions of exposure to the shell in practice, therefore, improving theoretical methods for calculating the limiting states of shells when working in the elastoplastic region is relevant. The purpose of the study is to verify the conformity of the results of the experiment conducted on a thin-walled cylindrical shell made of steel 45 (GOST 1050-2013) when exposed to the sample by stretching, compression and torsion forces with theoretical calculations based on the equations of the theory of elastic-plastic processes by A.A. Ilyushin. The equations of the defining relations of the theory of elastic-plastic processes by A.A. Ilyushin for arbitrary trajectories of complex loading and deformation of materials in the deviatory deformation space Э1-Э3 are presented. All theoretical results are checked for compliance with the experiment, the reliability of the existing theory of stability is assessed. The solution is presented in the form of graphs of the dependence of the vector and scalar properties of the material on the length of the arc of the deformation trajectory and other parameters. Numerical values are selectively presented for different loading stages.

About the authors

Stepan V. Cheremnykh

Tver State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4620-117X

Candidate of Technical Sciences, senior lecturer of the Department of Structures

22 Af. Nikitina Naberezhnaya, Tver, 170026, Russian Federation


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