Experimental study of elastic-plastic deformation of a cylindrical shell made of steel 45

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Relevance. The use of shells as thin-walled structures for various industries is very diverse. Spherical shells are widely used in the aircraft industry, circular cylindrical shells are used in the oil and gas industry, and more than 30 analytical forms of shells have been used in the construction industry. All elements of shell structures are undoubtedly subject to various strength calculations. Also, a separate role in the study is occupied by the experimental part, which confirms or refutes the calculated equations, this indicates the undoubted perspective and relevance of modeling the loading of shell structures. The aim of the study is to assess the condition of a thin-walled shell under three-parameter loading by tensile, compression and torsion forces. Methods. Experimental studies on the deformation of shells carried out in laboratory conditions on prototypes made of steel 45 GOST 1050-2013 are presented, and the loading conditions of the sample are modeled, similar to the possible conditions for applying loads to existing structures. Results. Experimental diagrams of deformation of the sample material in various planes are given, the development of deformation of the shell after applying joint efforts of stretching and torsion, as well as compression and torsion to the destruction of the material is estimated. For the relevance of the conducted experiment, a real design has been selected, which, when certain conditions are created, can experience appropriate experimental loads.

About the authors

Stepan V. Cheremnykh

Tver State Technical University

Author for correspondence.
Email: cheremnykh_s.v@mail.ru
ORCID iD: 0000-0002-4620-117X

Candidate of Technical Sciences, senior lecturer of the Department of Structures

22 Af. Nikitina Naberezhnaya, Tver, 170026, Russian Federation


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