The method of compensating loads for solving of problems of cyclic symmetrical flexure of anisotropic plates, resting on an elastic subgrade

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The purpose of the study - receiving of exact analytical solutions of statics problems of anisotropic plates, resting on an elastic subgrade and subjected to an action of cyclic symmetrical loads. The method of compensating loads is used for solving of the formulated problems. The basic and the compensating solutions are determined. The new approach, connected with the use of Nielsen’s equation for receiving of the solutions, is applied. For the first time by means of the method of compensating loads the exact analytical solutions of the cycle symmetric flexure of anisotropic circular plates, resting on the elastic subgrade, are received. Various boundary conditions and the loads, distributed along circumferences and over ring surfaces, are considered. The problem of anisotropic infinite plate with the circular opening, resting on the elastic subgrade, is also examined. All the solutions are obtained in the closed form and expressed in terms of Bessel functions.

About the authors

Elena B. Koreneva

Moscow Higher Combined Arms Military Command School Holding the Order of Lenin, the Order of the October Revolution nd the Order of the Red Banner

Author for correspondence.
SPIN-code: 8804-7930

Professor of the Department of General Engineering Disciplines, Doctor of Technical Sciences

2 Golovacheva St, Moscow, 109380, Russian Federation


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