Force parameters of metal deformation during sheet drawing

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The aim of the work. The effect of the curvature of the rounding of torus surfaces during the formation of a cylindrical product (glass) is investigated, taking into account the plastic thinning of the deformable material at the end edges of the matrix and pressing punch. Methods. The existing scheme for determining the power parameters of sheet drawing is analyzed, based on the assumption of the implementation of some abstract stress state in the material; mainly conditional tensile strength. At the same time, the possibility of forming the product without destruction determines the obvious overestimation of the stress level. A mathematical model of the volumetric stress state of the metal is being developed, which makes it possible to assess the deformation and stress state during the formation of a cold-drawn product, i. e. the folding of the sheet blank along the end radius of the rounding of the pressing punch and the steady-state process of drawing the blank into the deformation zone with successive bending/straightening of the material along the edge of the matrix are considered. The level of radial stresses during folding and stretching of sheet material is estimated, taking into account its strain hardening and thinning, which determine the forming force. The obtained results will make it possible to simulate the stress-strain state of the metal during the development of sheet drawing technology: to establish the amount of thinning, to estimate the level of radial stresses in the formation of rounding of torus surfaces along the end edges of the matrix and the pressing punch, as well as to determine the power parameters of the formation, which will prevent the destruction of the pulled part, guaranteeing obtaining high-quality products and more accurately choosing the deforming equipment.

About the authors

Yury A. Morozov

MIREA - Russian Technological University

Author for correspondence.

Associate Professor of the Department of Digital and Additive Technologies, Cand. Sci. (Eng.)

20 Stromynka St, Moscow, 107996, Russian Federation


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