Stress-strain state cylinder-plate-cable-stayed roof buildings (structures) with various forms of external support contour

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Relevance. A new wave-like combined (complex) coating design for large-span buildings - a cylinder-plate-cable-stayed roof, combining three types of structures: a cylindrical shell of zero Gaussian curvature, plate and cable-stayed (hanging) roofs are presented. This combination of structures and materials for roof large areas was not chosen by chance. The cable works in tension with its entire cross section only, and the cylindrical shell and plate work in two (longitudinal and transverse) planes. In combination with external influence, they create the necessary design strength, taking into account, at the same time, a rational choice of materials (steel and reinforced concrete). New architectural and constructive solutions of a large-span building with a cylinder-plate-cable-stayed roof are proposed taking into account the different geometric shapes of the external support contour in a form of a semicircle, semiellipse, etc. The aim of the work is to analyze the influence of the external support contour (semicircle, semiellipse, and other forms) on the spatial work of internal forces in the combined cylinder-plate-cable-stayed roof of a large-span building. Methods. Results of static numerical analysis of spatial models of large-span buildings with different types of external supporting contour in the centralized roofs were made in the FEMAP with NX NAS-TRAN software package. This complex belongs to the CAE - class which implements the finite element method (FEM) and allows on the basis of the physical and geometric nonlinearity of the deformation of structures. Results. Calculation study carried out comparative numerical analysis of the stress-strain state of a complex cylinder-plate-cable-stayed roof with different outlines of the support contours on the effect of vertical loads. This determines their rational choice given due consideration to the total cost and useful area of the building. The results of calculating large-span buildings with cylinder-plate-cable-stayed roofs for horizontal (wind) load, on the basis of determination of aerodynamic coefficients, are supposed to be published in the next article.

About the authors

Elvira R. Kuzhakhmetova

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University

Author for correspondence.

postgraduate student, engineer, senior lecturer of Institute of Engineering and Technology

14 Aleksandra Nevskogo St, Kaliningrad, 236016, Russian Federation


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