Adjustment of forces in large-span structures in the design of a rational constructive form of a Dolphinarium in Volgograd


In some cases, architectural, technological or other special requirements dictate the development of buildings and structures with large spans of shells. The choice of the scheme of bearing structures depends on the size of the span, architectural and planning solutions, the shape of the building in plan, the height of the structure, the presence and type of suspended transport, the requirements for the rigidity of the shell, the nature of lighting and aeration, type of roof, size and distribution of loads, the need to accommodate large masses of people and other factors. Differences in the purpose of large-span buildings and structures, features of technological processes, architectural and aesthetic requirements determine the use of a variety of solutions of such coatings. The article presents design measures for the implementation of architectural and artistic solutions of the building of the Dolphinarium in Volgograd. Analytical description of complex architectural and structural forms is performed. The analysis of existing structural forms of large-span structures is given. In the design, the concept of a combined archcable system was implemented, in which the cable system acts as an unloading and supporting system. The study of the work under load of various schemes of the cable system. It was also investigated the influence of pre-tensioning braces on strain supported their designs, and from what was determined optimal value of the efforts of the cables tension.

About the authors

Ivan R Sitnikov

Volgograd State Technical University

Author for correspondence.

Master’s Degree Student of the Department of Building Structures, Foundations and Reliability of Structures, Volgograd State Technical University. Research interests: building structures, metal structures, design of large-span and prestressed structures

28 Lenin Avenue, Volgograd, 400131, Russian Federation

Alexander V Golikov

Volgograd State Technical University


Cand. Sci. (Eng.), Associate Professor of the Department of Building Structures, Foundations and Reliability of Structures, Volgograd State Technical University. Research interests: building structures, metal structures, design of large-span, tower, sheet and prestressed structures, reliability of building structures

28 Lenin Avenue, Volgograd, 400131, Russian Federation


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