This article aims to identify new moral dilemmas generated by technological progress and its consequence - the phenomenon of technological alienation in modern society. It examines the relationship between the phenomenon of alienation, technological progress and moral dilemmas they cause in modern society. In addition to the emergence of new moral and existential issues that arises as the consequence of the direct “collision” of a person and technologies as a result of their widespread introduction into our lives, we consider moral dilemmas arising from technological progress in such areas of life as politics, economics and education. Each of them poses a deeper problem for the person - an alienation from other people, from the species essence and from oneself, which allows us to designate this question not only as social problem, but also affecting existential questions.

About the authors

D V Prokofyeva

Bashkir State University

Author for correspondence.

кандидат философских наук, доцент кафедры философии и политологии факультета философии и социологии

Ufa, Russia


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