Influence on the formation of late-Kalam al-Kushayri views

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This article is devoted to one of the most famous sufy theoretics of the Xth century al-Qushchayi (986-1072) whose treatise Principles of Sufism is considered to be one of the most readable works on theory of Islam mysticism among sufies all over the world. This article deals with the ideological basis of al-Qushchayi's work. Basing on the arabic sources and modern studies, the author comes to the conclusion that this famous sufy follows the ideas of Asharite theology. In the article are examined the main Asharite ideas and their influence on al-Qushchayi's works, that include ideas of atomism, free will and predestination, divine attributes, etc. In addition, the article examines the historical and social conditions of the certain Caliphate period and their influence on the Arab thinker.

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O A Nechorosheva (Lapitskaya)

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

Кафедра истории философииФакультет гуманитарных и социальных наук; Российский университет дружбы народов; Peoples' Friendship University of Russia


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