Philosophical Analysis of Posthuman

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The article reviews current approaches to рosthuman: transhumanism, sinergiynaya anthropology, philosophical anthropology, and others, a comparative analysis of two possible definitions of the рosthuman: posthuman as a creature that occurs as a result of the nano-bio-geno-information technologies, which can not be regarded as a man in the modern sense of the word and the posthuman as a modern man, rolling in a new posttehnological era that preserves the basic anthropological constants, creating genetically and informationally programmed system's objects; current problems are disclosed: handling data objects, their interactions, the distribution of subjectivity between posthuman and created by him artificial objects.

About the authors

L E Motorina

Moscow Aviation Institute (State Technical University)

Email: <>
Кафедра философии; Московский авиационный институт(Государственный технический университет); Moscow Aviation Institute (State Technical University)


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