Thyroid status of children having hyperactivity and attention-deficit syndrome

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The article presents the results of examining pre-school children diagnosed as having hyperactivity and attention-deficit syndrome, prevalence and types of dyslexic disorders, minor motility, hyperactivity as well as the information about thyrotropic, thyroid hormones and T-cohesive ability in blood and oral fluid.

About the authors

U V Pervova

Povolzhskaya Socio-Humanitarian Academy

Email: <>
Факультет коррекционной педагогики; Поволжская социально-гуманитарная академия; Povolzhskaya Socio-Humanitarian Academy

O I Reznikova

Dorozhnaya Clinical Hospital at Samara Railway Station

Клинико-диагностическая лаборатория; НУЗ «Дорожная клиническая больница» на ст. Самара ОАО РЖД; Dorozhnaya Clinical Hospital at Samara Railway Station


Copyright (c) 2010 Первова Ю.В., Резникова О.И.

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