History of constitutional and legal development of the right to business activity in Russia

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  • Authors: Pavlov EA1
  • Affiliations:
    1. Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
  • Issue: No 4 (2013)
  • Pages: 16-23
  • Section: Articles
  • URL: https://journals.rudn.ru/law/article/view/5772
  • Retraction date: 25.12.2019
  • Retraction reasons description:

    Retraction of the publication is due to the identification of articles with mysterious authorship, as well as the identification of unformed borrowings.

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This indicator serves as an accessor of the personality to spiritual and material benefits, mechanisms of the power, will, and at the same time it is an indispensable condition of improvement of the individual, consolidation of its status and independence. Human rights didn't arise artificially or by itself. They were created as a result of the numerous historical reasons, and these reasons arose from the ripened need of the person for free use of opportunities available for it: to work, think, speak, be engaged in creativity. Human rights arose not only thanks to available need of the person for realization of for the state, but also as a certain counterbalance to the state.

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E A Pavlov

Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Email: youright@mail.ru
The Department of Civil Law


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