No 1 (2012)


Kyrgyzstan 2010-2011: from Conflict to Fragile Stability

Shirin Akiner -.


Kyrgyzstan had to manage complex systemic changes when, following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, it embarked on a series of rapid social, economic and political transitions. This paper summarises the main factors that created a conflict-prone society, then analyses the evolution of the 2010 conflict; lastly, it considers the prospects for stability following the return to political processes. The author examines regional and international responses to the Kyrgyz crisis.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):5-14
pages 5-14 views

Modernization of the Public Thought on the Political Space of the Modern East

Rodriges A.M.


The article deals with the analysis of the development of the political ideology and the collision of it's national models («nationalism», «socialism», «national interpretations of capitalism») in the modern eastern societies.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):15-21
pages 15-21 views

Analyzing Humanitarian Intervention from an African Point of View

Okoh ThankGod Emeka -.


The article analyzes the concept of humanitarian intervention from the African perspectives, owing to the none existed of agreed definition or codification of this concept in international law, it has continued to generate considerable interest among scholars and public servants. With a large share of global conflicts, Africa finds itself at the centre of this controversy surrounding the concept of humanitarian intervention. The author tries to present and analyze the reasons behind Africa's tendency to exhibit extreme skepticism to any notion of intervention of external forces in the continent even when beautifully dressed with the word humanitarian.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):22-26
pages 22-26 views

Situational Context of Insurance in Globalization

Martynenko S.V.


This article shows how globalization resolves problems, which are motivated in a new way by modern situational context of social-insurance, how the 'insurance cocoon' of civilization leads to narrowing of conflict space in the world politics.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):27-30
pages 27-30 views

Relocation of the U.S. Military Bases Problem in Japan - U.S. Relations: the Okinawa Vector

Voda K.R.


In the article the problems of the U.S. military presence in Japan are observed. The author analyzes the U.S.-Japan joint actions to relocate American military facilities from Okinawa. The influence of the Okinawa factor on the resignation of Prime Minister Hatoyama, the leader of the Democratic party of Japan, is revealed.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):31-38
pages 31-38 views

Problems and Prospects of China Modernization in the Context of the World Crisis

Shevtsova N.A.


The work covers number of questions dealing with the efforts from PRC side to modernize the country and establish innovative infrastructure. Evaluation of factors that might influence China's plans to become an independent technological country is given. There is an explanation of the reasons why the idea to make an innovative jerk has become one of the key directives of the modern crisis management policy of Beijing. There is validation of the availability of engaging Chinese specialists to work on small implementation teams, established by Russian science and educational institutions so to implement the results of intellectual activity.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):39-50
pages 39-50 views

Some Aspects of War and Peace Treatment by Roman Church Pontifices at the End of the XX and at the Beginning of the XXI Centuries

Bykova G.I.


The article is dedicated to the Christian comprehension of war and peace in Roman Catholic Church. It focuses on the treatment of these problems in speeches and articles of John Paul II and of Benedict XVI. The most considered is Catholic reason for peacemaking policy.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):51-56
pages 51-56 views

Public Diplomacy in the Context of Modern Interstate Communication

Martynenko E.V., Matvienko V.V.


Public diplomacy as one of the most currently central and promising forms of interstate communication is increasingly occupied attention of foreign policy researchers. Public diplomacy forms and methods as well as the definition problem and background of this phenomenon are considered in the paper.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):57-60
pages 57-60 views

The Factor of Culture in Modernization fnd Predicting the Commonwealth of Independent States Future

Kurylev K.P., Savicheva E.M.


The article considers the integration processes features within the Commonwealth of Independent States, defines the role and place of cooperation in the humanitarian sphere. The authors make an attempt to predict the future of the CIS.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):61-72
pages 61-72 views

Volgograd Region and the Udmurt Republic in the Context of Modern Relations between Russia and Venezuela

Arkannikov А.А.


After the Soviet Union collapse regions of the Russian Federation was given the right to develop international economic and political relations. The article is devoted to current situation and future development of cooperation between regions of the Russian Federation that are most closely collaborating with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Problems of interaction between governments and businesses, cultural exchanges are the main subjects of the research work. The author analyzes the process of bilateral cooperation, identifies weaknesses.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):73-80
pages 73-80 views

The Impact of Military and Political Situation in Iraq on Syrian Foreign Policy

Salum Hossam Eddin -.


The author examines the Syrian position towards the 2003 conflict in Iraq and the impact of the conflict on foreign and domestic Syrian policy. The author reveals the influence of the situation on the process of Middle East settlement, on the plan of Big Middle East building, as well as on U.S. plans on de-escalation of the USA presence in the region.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):81-87
pages 81-87 views

French Experience in Counteraction of Separative Tendencies in New Caledonia

Okhrimenko A.V.


The article deals with a crucial period in the history of relations between France and New Caledonia in the 80-s of the XX-th century. The main processes of the Kanak struggle for independence as well as the French government policy towards them are analyzed.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):88-96
pages 88-96 views

Peculiarities of State Export Support Policy in WTO

Denisov А.S.


The article reveals state export support system, as well as undercovers restrictions made by WTO-agreements to this system. The author suggests classification of export support measures and defines some peculiarities of its implementation.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):97-102
pages 97-102 views

Sultan of Oman Qaboos Bin Said: Politician and Diplomat

Al-Baloushi Abdalla Ahmed -.


The article is devoted to Sultan Qaboos bin Said, an experienced politician and diplomat. The author emphasizes this enlightened monarch's contribution to the transformation of Oman into a dynamically developing country in the Middle East. In the international arena he has shown remarkable diplomatic skills and earned the reputation of a politician with reasonable views.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):103-111
pages 103-111 views

Dzhanni Puchcho Activities in the Growth of Cultural Relations between Russia and Italy

Kleimenova Т.N.


The activities of Dzhanni Puchcho, Italian journalist, polyglot and traveler, are considered in the article. He is famous for his investigation of cultural relations between Russia and Italy. He is the author of five books, concerning cultural relations between the two countries, the founder of the Association for Italian and Slavic cultural exchange. He esteems the Russian history and culture and selflessly works for the growth of bilateral relations as a manager and sponsor of various cultural programmes of his Foundation. The main aim of his initiatives is mutual spiritual and cultural exchange and fortifying of the two friendly nations.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):112-118
pages 112-118 views

The authors

- -.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(1):119-121
pages 119-121 views

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