No 4 (2012)


«The Arab Spring» and its Influence on the Geopolitical Situation in the Middle East

Osman Al Besh -.


This article focuses on the reasons and consequences of the revolutionary events in the Middle East countries named “the Arab spring”. The author analyzes various opinions of the Arab experts and offers his own understanding of the situation in the region at the postcrisis period.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):5-12
pages 5-12 views

Principal Aspects of Humanitarian Activity of NATO in 1991—2011

Bokeriya S.A., Petrovich-Belkin O.K.


The article is devoted to the examination of the ground aspects of NATO’s humanitarian activities after the termination of the Cold War. Main principles of NATO’s concept of humanitarian intervention and its application in the territory of former Yugoslavia, in Afghanistan, Iraq and Sudan are under analysis.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):13-20
pages 13-20 views

Non-military Aspects of Cooperation between Ukraine and NATO

Kurylev K.P.


The article investigates the non-military aspects of the cooperation between Ukraine and the North Atlantic Community at the present stage. The author studies such spheres of the partnership as economy, science, communication. The article emphasizes the fact, that the expansion of functionality of NATO gives Ukraine the favorable possibility to intensify its dialogue with the North Atlantic Alliance on the one hand, and allows to achieve the improvement of image of NATO in Ukraine by the distraction of public opinion from the military aspects of the cooperation on the other hand.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):21-27
pages 21-27 views

Evolution of Economic Diplomacy in Russian-American Relations

Savoyskiy A.G.


The article is devoted to the 205 th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and the United States of America by December 1807. It marks the way of economic diplomacy from her birthday at middle of the XVIIIth century to our days in Russian-American relations.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):28-39
pages 28-39 views

The Main Priorities in Russian-German Relations 1990—2000

Konovalova O.A.


The article is devoted to Russian-German relations at the present stage. The article describes the prerequisites for intensive cooperation between Russia and Germany at the state, institutional and personal levels; the main factors responsible for shaping the geopolitical position of both countries at the contemporary stage are examined in historical retrospective. Special attention is paid to the disclosure of the main directions of Russian-German cooperation and their ranking; the prospects of cooperation are identified within the designated areas as well.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):40-46
pages 40-46 views

Russian Trade-Economic Relations with Scandinavian Countries: Economic Interests and Possibilities of Mutually Beneficial Cooperation

Andronova I.V.


Scandinavian countries don’t take the first place in the system of external priorities of Russia, in spite of the fact that Scandinavian countries are connected with Russia by deep-seated trade and economic relations. Modern level of economic relations does not comply with national interests of Russia. The kea goal of this article is to analyze the reasons of the fact and to find out perspective directions in bilateral relations.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):47-56
pages 47-56 views

Power Component of Russian Policy in the Mirror of Geoeconomics

Chernenko E.F.


Power component of geoeconomics is under consideration in the article. Specific features of Russian power strategy, power policy and power diplomacy are discussed in the context of national interests and security.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):57-69
pages 57-69 views

Devolution in Wales in a Context of the European Regionalism

Orlova A.A.


The regionalism is an important phenomenon for modern Europe. It is the phenomenon has some types to one of which was the devolution. The term was assigned to Great Britain after reform on decentralization of the end of the XX century. Wales as one of three reformed regions of this country, received an autonomy and own parliament (National Assembly for Wales). Since 1997 there is a difficult system of the relations between the different centers of the power: Cardiff, London and Brussels.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):70-81
pages 70-81 views

Participation of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the European Neighborhood Policy

Shabelnikova O.V.


This article is dedicated to the analysis of the cooperation between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the European Union in the framework of the European Neighborhood Policy (ENP). The author examines the political and economic aspects of cooperation, and issues affecting the diversification of energy resources of the Caspian Sea to Europe and the settlement of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):82-89
pages 82-89 views

Formation of UAE State and Factors for Development of International Relations between UAE and African Countries

Voronkov A.K.


The article focuses on analyses of formation of UAE state and features formation of international relations between UAE and African countries including low level of political and economic ties between UAE and African countries and dominant role of economic and humanitarian assistance in their relations provided both through international organizations and on bilateral basis by Abu Dhabi Fund for Development. Islam and traditional values of Arab culture are considered defining factors for formation of such structure of international relations.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):90-98
pages 90-98 views
pages 99-101 views

Aspirantura in Russian Federation: New Approaches

Andreeva O.V.


In the context of new approaches in education in the Russian Federation and because of public discussion, concerning the project of the federal law on education a new format of typical educational standard for doctoral studies based on Russian universities is proposed.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):102-113
pages 102-113 views

Standard Educational Program of Aspirantura in a Format of Federal State Demands (by the Example of Group of Specialties 10.02.00 Linguistics)

Aleksandrova O.I.


Changes in the Russian educational system led to necessity to unify educational programs on all higher education degrees including aspirantura (doctoral studies). In this regard a sample of basic educational doctoral degree program has been developed in accordance with federal state demands by the example of group of specialties 10.02.00 Linguistics.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):114-130
pages 114-130 views

Aspirantura (PhD Education) in Economic Sciences: PFUR Experience

Lazanyuk I.V.


In the light of modern approaches to education in the Russian Federation and in connection with the transition of aspirantura (PhD education) to new graduate school standards the experience of PhD training in economic fields at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia is analyzed in the article. Positive development in postgraduate education and possible trends in the further advance of graduate school are considered.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):131-135
pages 131-135 views

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Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2012;(4):136-137
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