No 1 (2010)


Russian Foreign Policy Regional Priorities: Economic Aspect

Andronova I.V.


National economic interests are the basis to find out regional priorities of the country's external policy. The article is devoted to the analysis of the regional priorities of Russia external policy interpretations and the reasons of its changes from the point of view of the national economic interests.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):5-14
pages 5-14 views

Classification of Sovereignty and its Impact on the Nation-Building Process (International Theory and Practice)

Bochkova M.S.


The sovereignty notion has been examined by various scientific studies within centuries. Therefore the content of sovereignty may reflect different ideas, views or assertions, sometimes revealing the inconsistent character of sovereignty theory. The present article introduces an attempt to provide detailed and comprehensive arrangement of sovereignty, classifying the notion on methodology and doctrine basis.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):15-21
pages 15-21 views

International Aspect of the European Westernism Phenomenon

Shabaga A.V.


The article is devoted to the problem of upbringing and development of the European Westernize ideology as one of polyidentification bases of the West European historical subjects. Thus identity of the historical subject is considered in a paradigm of a social window according to which society transition from one social continuum to another is carried out by means of eventual possibilities realized choice based on mental space construction.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):22-32
pages 22-32 views

France «Crisis Diplomacy» in the Middle East (Lebanese Crisis Case Study)

Hassan Ahmad Mekdashe -.


The article is devoted to French crisis diplomacy in the Middle East during the civil war in Lebanon. It focuses on Paris activities aimed at settlement of the Lebanese crisis and achievement regional peace and stability.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):33-37
pages 33-37 views

Russian Liberals at the Head of Russian Foreign Policy in February-October 1917

Kuryljov K.P.


The article examines different understanding of foreign policy tasks as well as foreign policy governance interpretations from the Russian liberals' point of view between February and October 1917 revolutions.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):38-44
pages 38-44 views

1990-1991 Kuwait Crisis and its Influence on the Iraq-Russian Relations

Salum Hossam Eddin -.


The Soviet Union position in Iraq-Kuwait 1990 conflict and character of its influence on Moscow-Baghdad relations are analyzed. The author shows, what arguments the Soviet Union and the majority of the countries of the world considered as the reason to condemn the Iraq army actions.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):45-52
pages 45-52 views

Turkey and Iran Transcaucasia Policy: Comparative Analysis

Suleimanov А.V.


Turkey and Iran Transcaucasia modern foreign policy is analyzed. As is known, Turkey and Iran historically were the competing parties for spheres of influence in Transcaucasia, as well as Russia, the USA and the Great Britain. Regional relations between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia are discussed in context of Nagorno-Karabakh and Georgia-South Ossetia conflicts and Caspian problem.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):53-59
pages 53-59 views

Republic Kazakhstan Cooperation with the European Union

Tokaev T.K.


The article is dedicated to the analysis of Kazakhstan foreign policy towards the European Union. Kazakhstan considers itself as a leading regional state in the Central Asia. Kazakhstan suggests its European partners a wide set of measures to cooperate and transfer the bilateral relations with the EU member countries to the plane of strategic partnership.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):60-75
pages 60-75 views

The Arab Maghreb Union Marks 20th Anniversary

Salamova R.V.


The Arab Maghreb Union was formed in 1989 in order to coordinate regional policies on military, economic, cultural and international issues. The reasons of lack of understanding among countries - participants of the Arab Maghreb Union and factors of organizational strengthening in future are examined.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):76-79
pages 76-79 views

2009 EVENTS: view from Russia.Compiled by S.A. Andreeva

Andreeva S.A.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):80-84
pages 80-84 views

The authors

- -.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2010;(1):85-86
pages 85-86 views

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