No 1 (2011)


Civilizational Basis of Political Discourse

Kitinov B.U.


The article is dedicated to the analysis of civilizational indices in political studies. According to the author, after the famous work of Samuel Huntington, this theme gets its further development in the Western political science in bringing Eastern political thought heritage. Understanding of political, economic, social and other processes may become more systematic and verified if we take into account the historical and civilizational paradigms and patterns.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):5-12
pages 5-12 views

From Humanitarian Intervention to Responsibility to Protect: Evolution of a Concept

Okoh ThankGod Emeka -.


The question of bringing peace and security through coercion to people at risk of extermination has remained a controversial topic in international relations. The author critically analyzed the evolutionary development of the concept of Humanitarian Intervention to its present form, known today as Responsibility to Protect.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):13-19
pages 13-19 views

Morocco and European Union: New Level of the Relationship

Konkin K.S.


The article considers the actual state of integration process between Morocco and European Union. It studies the objective conditions and driving forces of the both sides' willingness to cooperate more closely in the framework of the Euro-Mediterranean process.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):20-31
pages 20-31 views

Kazakhstan between East and West: OSCE Kazakhstan Chairmanship in 2010

Faizova R.S.


The article considers Kazakhstan activities as OSCE chairman in 2010. The author analyzes preliminary results, methods and ways of realization tasks which were focused on forming of Eurasian security system during Kazakhstan chairmanship in OSCE.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):32-37
pages 32-37 views

African Refugees: Criteria of Definition and the Status Problem

Modibo Mamadou Konate -.


In the article the author regards the problems of definition of the refugee as a legal and social concept, and also criteria of the status of the refugee with reference to the African realities. It is underlined that for defining the status of refugees there are often no accurate criteria. In particular, it is impossible to separate refugees gone from the borders of the country from the internal migrants because both of them frequently are supervised by the same factors. The main criterion to define refugees, more likely, is to search in the fact of leaving from a permanent home place because of the further impossibility to remain there.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):38-44
pages 38-44 views

Russia and the USA Participation in the Group of Eight Activity

Savoyskiy A.G.


The article focuses on history of creation and meetings at the highest levels of leaders of industrially developed democratic countries of the world, since 1975 till 2010. The mechanism of summits' functioning, the activity of the Russian and American parties in summits for the further development of bilateral and multilateral interstate relations have been researched.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):45-53
pages 45-53 views

Soviet-Ethiopian Contacts in the Field of Education in the 70-80-s of the XX-th Century

Riabchikova L.N.


The author analyzes the Soviet-Ethiopian contacts in the fields of education after the national democratic revolution in Ethiopia. Conclusions and analysis are made on the broad range of sources and archival materials.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):54-59
pages 54-59 views

Belarus and NATO in the 1990-th: History of Relations, Fundamental Problems and Progress Trends

Petrovich-Belkin O.K.


The article is devoted to the history and analysis of relations between the Republic of Belarus and NATO in the 1990th. It focuses on fundamental problems and principal progress trends in their relationship.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):60-67
pages 60-67 views

The Mediterranean Policy of Spain, 1996-2004

Vulfson E.A.


This article is devoted to the analisys of the Mediterranean direction of the Spain foreign policy under H.M. Asnar. The basic aspects of regional foreign policy of the country, main streems of the decision in difficult situations and conflicts are estimated. The most concerned are the questions of Gibraltar, Spanish - Morocco relations, the Middle East conflict.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):68-77
pages 68-77 views

Likud led by Netanyahu: Pre-election Race and the Struggle for Electorate on the 1999 Elections

Sterin E.F.


The article examines the 1999 pre-election Likud race led by Benjamin Netanyahu. The analysis is based on numerous reasons, for ex.: voters' disappointment, inability to propose a candidate who could win the elections, inability to show the difference of the party to the competitors. Weak coalition led by Barak was the reason of political instability in advance of the second Intifada.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):78-84
pages 78-84 views

Education in Kenya: Contemporary Situation and New Tendencies at the Beginning of the XXI Century

Rotich Gladys Chepkirui -.


The article considers the present situation on the different educational levels in Kenya. Despite of the government efforts one could hardly mark visual successes. The author considers traditional means to be the best in improving the quality of education.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):85-90
pages 85-90 views

2010 EVENTS: view from Russia.Compiled by S.A. Davydova

Davydova S.A.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):91-92
pages 91-92 views

The authors

- -.
Vestnik RUDN. International Relations. 2011;(1):93-94
pages 93-94 views

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