A World-Famous Scholar (In Memory of Natalia Bazhanova)

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Significance of the findings and scientific generalizations, which were made by the the leading Russian scientist of Korean Studies Natalia Bazhanova, goes far beyond the Korean issues. It is of great interest for both the expert community, and for a wide range of readers. Analysis of the political and economic development of the DPRK allowed Bazhanova highlight the characteristics of authoritarian regimes and non-market economy, and to see how they affect the foreign policy and international relations. Natalia Evgen'evna has made a great contribution to the development of historical science. She was the first who introduced into scientific use unique documents on the history of the Korean War of 1950-1953, allowing to understand the causes, course and consequences of the conflict. Bajanova proved itself as a political scientist, analyzing and forecasting the development of the international situation on the Korean Peninsula, making constructive proposals aimed at resolving the North Korean nuclear problem. The works of Bazhanova dedicated to Russian-Korean relations are very significant. Her conclusions on the current development of relations between our two countries are especially valuable, as well as on international multilateral cooperation in the matter of a Korean settlement. Natalia Evgen'evna was the author of monograph, publicistic books and papers devoted to the many countries of the world, including the United States, France, Italy, China. She put her exceptional talent to the study of these topics. The works of Bazhanova characterized by internal logic, depth and light, have “transparent” style of presentation.

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